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Feed your mind

then your body.

((( Where people with eating disorders recover )))
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feedyourmind is a place where people who have, had, or are thinking about having/falling back into eating disorders come together to share stories, problems, struggles, and advice. I wanted to create this community because the subject of eating disorders hits me deep. I was an anorexic when I was eleven to twelve years old, again from fourteen to fifteen years old, and again at seventeen years old, and finally took my life back later in my seventeenth year with the help of love and understanding by those around me. Now here I am today and have never once since slipped back into old ways, or even thought about it. I feel a freedom I never had before and it's beautiful. I decided to make this community because I know eating disorders are all grotesquely common, even though at the time you feel absolutely alone in your troubles. Everyone feel free to make a little introduction, or just watch silently if desired.

Unfortunately posting anonymously is likely going to be abused, so I have decided to disable it. I am very sorry for the people who this inconveniences. If you do not want to be recognized, again, you don't have to post but just watch.

What this community is NOT:

* This is not a place for people who "like" their disease and want to convert sane people into thinking eating disorders are somehow something to celebrate. Your asses will be swiftly kicked off the community.

* This is not a place to complain about how fat you are repeatedly, or even remotely a pro-Ana place to swap "tips" about your disease. If I catch anyone doing such things they will be swiftly banned from the community

* No negative reflection upon yourself. This is a community to sort out your troubles and get better, not set yourself back with negative comments. You are not fat, your mind is making you think you are. Hence the community name "Feed your mind". It is the problem, not your body. Of course you're allowed to say how you feel, (IE: "I feel really fat even though I know those feelings are inaccurate...") but not "I'm so fat...oh my god I look like such a pig. I wish I looked like ______"

* No putting down other members. Of course this goes without saying, but for example if there is still someone having a lot of trouble with the concept of eating, and someone posts about how proud they are that they ate a normal full meal today - the more troubled person should not say something like "Oh my god that's so much food! Don't you feel disgusting?". Again I must reiterate this is a place of support, not set backs.