l. (totalcontrol) wrote in feedyourmind,

Reocvery Penpals!

Looking for penpals. I think this would be a positive source of support for those who struggle but really want to recover! I would like people who will write a good bit, not just once a month, recovery is a daily struggle!

Info: 22/F/USA, Young Professional, Liberal,
ED History: Current-Bulimic, ED-NOS, afraid when the bulimia slips I'll use other behaviors
Recovery: Seeked out help for recovery 1 month ago, psychiatrist and ED Specialist
Medications: Lamictal
Other diagnosis: Borderline, PPD
Who knows about my disorder: My treatment team, 1 friend, family and boyfriend do not know

If there is anyone who is trying to recover out there around my age with Bulimic/Ed-Nos struggles and would like to be my penpal comment!
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